Trivia questions with answers about things like Coca-Cola, Egypt, Salvador Dali, Rembrandt, and more.

Which artist made his name with paintings of soup cans and Coca-Cola bottles?
A: Andy Warhol.

Who designed the largest Protestant church in England, St Paul's Cathedral?
A: Christopher Wren.

In which country can you see the Sphinx?
A: Egypt.

Who was the leading exponent of the 'kitchen sink' school of painters whose work in the 1950s concentrated on working-class domestic life?
A: John Bratby.

What was the extravagant style of art and architecture that dominated "Europe during most of the 17th century?
A: Baroque.

Who became potter to King George III in 1806?
A: Josiah Spode.

Which French Impressionist painter was famous for his studies of ballet, horse racing, and young women working?
A: Degas.

Who painted The Persistence of Memory?
A: Salvador Dali.

Which 17th century artist painted more than 60 self-portraits?
A: Rembrandt.

Who painted The anatomy lesson of Dr Tulp?
A: Rembrandt.

In front of which French art gallery is there a large glass pyramid designed by I M Pei?
A: The Louvre.

What nationality was Picasso?
A: Spanish.

Which famous painter and sculptor was also an architect and engineer to Cesare Borgia?
A: Leonardo de Vinci.

Of what type of artist is Kandinsky generally regarded as the first?
A: Abstract.

How many paintings did Van Gogh sell in his lifetime?
A: One.

Which artist was featured in the film A Bigger Splash?
A: David Hockney.

Which English architect's masterpiece is the Banqueting House in Whitehall, London?
A: Inigo Jones.

Which English sculptress exhibited her Mother and Child in 1930?
A: Barbara Hepworth.

Which Dutch graphic artist painted pictures of visual paradoxes and optical illusions?
A: M C Escher.

Which Italian artist included a picture of Halley's comet in a fresco of the Nativity story?
A: Giotto.

In which Italian town was the artist Leonardo born?
A: Vinci.

Which Dutch painter cut off part of his ear after a quarrel?
A: Vincent van Gogh.

Which famous portrait painter's sitters include Mrs. Siddons, Dr Johnson, Sheridan, and royalty?
A: Gainsborough.

Which American artist was a pioneer of Abstract Expressionism, and a leading exponent of action painting?
A: Jackson Pollock.

What nationality was the painter Goya?
A: Spanish.

Whose sculptures include The Thinker?
A: Auguste Rodin.

Which European capital city has the Atomium, and iron model of an atom enlarged many billions of times?
A: Brussels.

Which American painter is famous for capturing the loneliness of city life in the thirties and forties? A: Edward Hopper.

Which French artist painted Napoleon Crossing the Alps in 1800?
A: Jacques Louis David.

Who drew a rhinoceros without ever seeing one?
A: Albrecht Durer.

Which English artist was famous for his industrial Lancashire townscapes filled with matchstick figures?
A: L S Lowry.

Who painted The Scream?
A: Edvard Munch.

Who illustrated Alice's Adventures in Wonderland?
A: Tenniel.

What is the title of the painting by Picasso inspired by the bombing of civilians in the Spanish Civil War?
A: Guernica.

Which English landscape artist painted The Fighting Temeraire and Rain, Steam and Speed?
A: J M W Turner.

Which Italian fresco painter is famous for his Adoration of the Magi?
A: Gentile.

Whose paintings Raising of the Cross and Descent from the Cross are in Antwerp Cathedral?
A: Rubens.

Which collection is exhibited at Hertford House, London?
A: The Wallace Collection.

What is the collective name for the three goddesses who are said to be the personifications of pleasure, charm and beauty?
A: The Graces.

Which composer based an opera on the book The man who mistook his wife for a hat?
A: Michael Nyman.